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Beili Cai

I was born and grew up in China. I came to New Zealand in 2007 and graduated from the University of Waikato majoring in Finance and Management Communication. Whilst in Hamilton I worked as a Manager for a retail store for 1 and a half years, before deciding to move to Auckland. In November 2012, I moved to Auckland and found a job in the Dental industry, which I really enjoy. I am quite passionate about being a dental assistant. I like music a lot. I play the violin and go to karaoke sometimes, and I also like watching movies, hanging out with friends and cooking.

Megan Wilson

I enjoy challenging my mind and body with regular practice of Iyengar Yoga and Ocean swimming.
Other interests are raw food, numbers and people societies/communities are a passion of mine.

Dr Clarence Tam is an outstanding dentist, I enjoy the journey, intensity of focus and care that is achieved in the practice.

Melanie Evans

Melanie works for Paul Casley and has been his assistant since May 2011. She is committed to providing a high standard of care and enjoys working as part of a team. In her previous job, she worked with a dental specialist for over ten years.

 She holds a Certificate in Dental Assisting from the New Zealand Dental Association and has also studied nursing.

 Melanie enjoys baking cakes and spending time with her children.



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