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Dr Gar Duen Wong

My focus is on preventive dentistry where the patient participates and engages in the control of their dental health. After discussing your personalised options, together we assess which treatment is the most appropriate to your circumstances and develop a treatment plan with time parameters that suit you best. Other areas of interest are oral surgery (removal of wisdom teeth) cosmetic dentistry, (smile makeovers) aesthetic dental implants, crowns and bridges with porcelain, Dentures (False teeth) which can eventually become converted to prosthetic implant bridges if these are your preferences. See patient testimonials and treatment options gallery for further information. If you are apprehensive of dentistry, then we will address your needs accordingly and you will not feel coerced into treatment, but treated with ample time in a relaxed atmosphere.


The ceramist and lab technician I partner with, Gabriele Heiser, is from Germany. She is extremely passionate about her work and has a fine eye for good detail with regards to margins and artistic colouring abilities, resulting in aesthetically pleasing crowns. The synergy of science & nature is achieved through her meticulous porcelain layering techniques. Other team members we use are the dental hygienist, periodontist, endodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist and prosthodontist when necessary.

My other interests include reading on the history and Chinese philosophy, Tai Chi, photography, skiing, cycling. I also enjoy trekking and the outdoors as well as travelling with my family overseas.

Other Information:

  • Previously employed at Auckland Hospital, New Zealand Defence Force, Accident and Emergency Clinics in Remuera and Northshore, Papatoetoe & Newmarket Dental Group.

  • Member of the following associations: ITI (International Team for Implantology), NZDA (New Zealand Dental Association) New Zealand Society of Endodontics (Inc), NZACD (New Zealand Academy Cosmetic Dentistry) & NZIMID (New Zealand Institute Minimal Invasive Dentistry)


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