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I returned to New Zealand in the early nineties and started a family, I have two beautiful daughters entering their university years. I worked in several Auckland practices and looked at many to purchase before deciding on Morrow Street, primarily as a result of its long established history in the area following on from the previous owner who had practised in the area since the 1960’s, which provided a continuity of care for patients with the same dentist over a long period of time – in some cases spanning three generations. As I am about midway through my practising career I can carry on this level of continuing care for a number of years yet, rather than patients continually having to see a new dentist who is not familiar with your mouth each time you return for treatment, as is the case in some of the larger practices.

 I am interested in all aspects of dentistry and have a great team of specialists I refer to in difficult cases. I will listen to what is bothering you regarding your teeth, and then give you options to correct the problem with the costs relative to different restoration types so you can select what is right for you. I will also advise you of any other problems in your mouth and give you a time frame as to what is urgent and what can be put off for the future. There will be no pressure on you to have everything completed in a short time frame; this will allow you to spread the financial load.

 I am a member of the New Zealand Dental Association and the Auckland Dental Association. I attend regular continuing education courses to update my skills and stay current in all areas.

 Away from dentistry my interests include fishing, windsurfing, skiing, mountain biking, running, tennis, travel and being involved in my children’s lives.


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            &lt;?php else: ?>
            &lt;?php endif; ?>

          &lt;?php endif; ?>

          <div id="" <?php if (isset($showno)){echo 'class="shownocolumns"'&lt;/span>&lt;span class="xml-name xml-error">;}&lt;/span>&lt;span class="xml-punctuation xml-error">?>&lt;/span>&lt;span class="xml-text">>&lt;/span>&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;span class="whitespace">            &lt;/span>&lt;span class="xml-punctuation">&lt;&lt;/span>&lt;span class="xml-tagname">div &lt;/span>&lt;span class="xml-attname">id="main">

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        &lt;?php else: ?>
        &lt;?php endif; ?>
      &lt;?php endif; ?>

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        &lt;?php else: ?>
        &lt;?php endif; ?>
      &lt;?php endif; ?>

          <div class="wrap"></div>

        </div> &lt;!-- end contentarea -->

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    <div id="footer-outer">

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          <div class="box box2"> <jdoc:include type="modules" name="position-10" style="beezDivision" headerlevel="3" /></div>
          &lt;?php endif; ?>
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          &lt;?php endif ; ?>
    &lt;?php endif ; ?>

      <div id="footer-sub">

      &lt;?php if (!$templateparams->get('html5', 0)): ?>
        <div id="footer">
      &lt;?php else: ?>
        <footer id="footer">
      &lt;?php endif; ?>

          <jdoc:include type="modules" name="position-14" />
                      &lt;?php echo JText::_('TPL_BEEZ5_POWERED_BY');?> <a href="">Joomla!&#174;</a>
          </p><p>Copyright - Morrow Street Dental-2012</>

      &lt;?php if (!$templateparams->get('html5', 0)): ?>
        </div><!-- end footer -->
      &lt;?php else: ?>
      &lt;?php endif; ?>


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