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How to Maintain Healthy Adult Teeth

  1. Decrease the frequency of snacks.
  2. Decrease sources of sugars by reducing intake of dried fruits, muesli bars, ribena, milo, biscuits, fruit juices, energy drinks flavoured milk and sweets.
  3. Drink water rather than sugary fruit juices
  4. Dilute fruit juices and follow them with a glass of water.
  5. Always follow snacks with a glass of water
  6. Cheese is helpful after snacks or a meal increases the pH (alkaline levels) and reduces the acid levels.
  7. Use a fluoride toothpaste
  8. If you have undergone dental treatment or surgery, consider using a fluoride mouth rinse or APF gel.
  9. See the oral hygienist regularly - at least every 6 months - to assess gum tissue, reduce plaque build-up and scale away tartar which is so often the cause of gum disease.
  10. See your dentist regularly.

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