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Oral Surgery & Sedation

An option for patients is to have dentistry performed under sedation and information on this option is set out below:

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Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation is a way of reducing anxiety using medication- either in tablet or liquid form. A Benzodiazepine (Midazolam) is used. Midazolam works to block the receptors in the part of the brain which produce anxiety (the limbic system), it also causes sleepiness.

Oral Sedation can be used for either adults or children over the age of three. It is a simple and safe means of providing anxiety relief. The main disadvantage of oral sedation is that individual people will react differently to different dosages of sedation and the same individual may react differently on different days.



Penthrox Sedation

The Penthrox inhaler is a hand held device often referred to as the “Green Whistle”. It is used to both relieve anxiety and reduce pain. Penthrox has been used for over 20 years on over 2 million patients in Australia where it is used by the ambulance service, defence forces and in emergency departments. It is suitable for procedures up to one hour in duration.



Wisdom Teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth (third molars) are at the very back of your mouth in both your upper and lower jaws. They are usually the last teeth to come through. Most people find that they come through during their late teens or early twenties.


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