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Our Philosophy

At Morrow Street Dental Newmarket we believe the key to success is the element of ‘good partnership’.As the client, your input and desires are essential to providing an excellent outcome of care. It is therefore fundamental that we work together with you, to provide ongoing support and advice as you require it.

Prevention is the secret to good oral health. Consequently, we deliver a team approach to our care called ‘preventive based practice’ that allows the hygienist and dentist to work together with our clients (please see the section on preventive dentistry). Part of your care following our assessment may include referral to a dental specialist or a medical practitioner, for example, An Oral Surgeon, General Practitioner (GP), Periodontist, Orthodontist, Endodontist, Ceramist/Technician or Prosthodontist.

We know the cost of dentistry in modern times can be difficult. We endeavour to tailor our treatment programme to your individual needs and priorities.

We will provide options, advantages and disadvantages of treatments, including the cost of alternatives. We categorise treatments according to their priorities i.e.:

   1.  Pain Relief, Pathology (Disease Control ) and Emergency Treatment.

   2.  Maintenance of existing dentistry. (Recommended)

   3.  Preventative & Cosmetic Dentistry (Optional)

Ultimately our Clients have control of their own dental health and this is fundamental to our values at Morrow Street Dental.







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